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What is fun dive?

Diving in Xiao Liuqiu

Fun dives are  for those scuba divers who already have Diving License, are at least 10 years old, and are in good physical health.

Xiao Liuqiu is a small island around by scooter just 20 minutes, and it's Taiwan’s only large coral island, and the coral reefs are mainly formed by the erosion of the sea along the coast.

It is affected by the Kuroshio tributary, so even in winter water it is usually above 23 degrees.


Shore Dive

Shore dive is where you start your dive from the beach to the dive spot.


Boat Dive

As your neutral buoyancy is doing very well, you can try boat dive to explore wreck and other dive site.


Photography Dive 

Improve your macro underwater photography skills with Photo Pro Jason Lee, Leo Lee at Liuqiu Dive in Xiao Liuqiu.


Diver Propulsion Vehicle

Your legs can only take you so far, but with an underwater scooter or diver propulsion vehicle (DPV), you can enjoy easy diving every time. Start this specialty today!

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