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Liuqiu Dive Online Booking

Type of Activity

Booking dates

Tour diving time selection (other items do not need to be filled in)

1. The course can be accompanied by boat diving but the sea conditions of the day must be considered. It is better to ask the course instructor on the day.

2. Please confirm your physical condition when booking a course. If you have any doubts, please refer to the "Health Declaration" in the course description.

▶︎ After making an appointment, please contact Liuqiu Dive. After the remittance is completed, the appointment is considered successful!
If you have not received the confirmation letter, please call 08-8614800
▶︎ To book a course, please remit the course deposit of 5000 yuan within 7 days
Yushan Bank 808 Account Number: 0978 940 142 565 Account Name: Ryukyu Enterprise Co., Ltd.

▶︎ Liuqiu Dive reserves the final interpretation right

Your booking has been updated, the stuff will confirm via your email address, please check your mail in 3 days. 

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