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Liuqiu Dive Online Booking

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Booking dates

Booking dates

1. If there is a need to add a diving itinerary, you can fill in the remarks ex: Experience diving x 1 person licensed diving x 2 people

2. If you need to rent a locomotive, you can fill in the remarks. Price: $500 for two days and one night, $1000 for three days and two nights

3. If you need Donggang-Ryukyu round-trip ferry reservation, you can fill in the remarks Price: 400/person

4. If you need an all-you-can-eat barbecue, you can fill in the remarks. Price: 350/person

Your booking has been updated, the stuff will confirm via your email address, please check your mail in 3 days. 

▶︎ After making an appointment, please contact Liuqiu Dive. After the remittance is completed, the appointment is considered successful!
If you have not received the confirmation letter, please call 08-8614800
▶︎ To book a course, please remit the course deposit of 5000 yuan within 7 days
Yushan Bank 808 Account Number: 0978940142565 Account Name: Ryukyu Enterprise Co., Ltd.

▶︎ Liuqiu Dive reserves the final interpretation right

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